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Thursday, 12 November 2015 00:00
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Editor’s Note: Last week, The Independent mistakenly indicated that the Fire Dist. #1 bond proposal was passing. However, although it currently has 59 percent approval (as of Friday’s count), 60 percent approval is needed to pass a bond. But the levy proposal only requires 50 percent of the vote and is still passing with nearly 54 percent approval.

Here are the rest of the updated results as of the sconed count Friday, Nov. 6. Results will be certified on Nov. 24.

Here are the preliminary results for Stevens County contested positions, local propositions and state measures:


Council Position #5 -
Carra Nupp - 60%
Barbara Mowry - 40%

Council At Large -
John Wight - 59%
Justin Roach - 40%


Debbie Therrian - 45%
Lou Janke - 55%

Ward 3
Jack Smith - 38%
Wm. S. (Bill) Pifer - 62%

Orient School District

Director #2
Cindy Porter - 51%
Pennie Lindsey - 49%

Director #5
Kevin Wright - 33%
Christina (Peregoodoff) Brown - 67%

Columbia School District

Director District #1
Melanie (Mellow) Wagner - 43%
David Lewis - 57%

Director District #2
Robert Rae - 62%
Bobbi Ward (W) - 38%

Mary Walker School District

Director District #2
James (Jim) Scott - 56%
April Steinbach - 44%

Director District #3
Rodney Schurger - 40%
Amy A. Gilbert - 60%

Director District #4
Justyn Turner - 52%
John Everly - 48%


Director Dist. #4
Gerry Ashby - 38%
Carri Breckner - 62%

Loon Lake Sewer District 4

Commissioner #1
Chuck Schilling - 33%
Holly Shamberger - 67%

Commissioner #2
Lee M Evans - 71%
Thomas L Williams - 29%

Fire District 1

Proposition 1
Stevens County Fire Protection District No. 1/Bonds To Replace Fire Stations 2 and 8
Approve - 59%
Reject - 41%

Proposition 2
Stevens County Fire Protection District No. 1/Levy Lift For Fire Protection/Emergency Medical Services Staffing and Operational Expenses
Yes - 54%
No - 46%

Upper Columbia Pool District

Proposition No. 1
Authorizing formation of the Upper Columbia Pool District
Yes - 50.31% (164 votes)
No - 49.69% (162 votes)

Proposition No. 2
Proposed Upper Columbia Pool District
Yes - 53%
No - 47%

State Measures

Initiative Measure No. 1366
Concerns state taxes and fees.
Yes - 52%
No - 48%

Initiative Measure No. 1401
Concerns trafficking of animal species threatened with extinction.
Yes - 70%
No - 30%

Advisory Votes

Advisory Vote No. 10
Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1449
Repealed - 49%
Maintained - 51%

Advisory Vote No. 11
Second Substitute Senate Bill 5052
Repealed - 42%
Maintained - 58%

Advisory Vote No. 12
Second Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5987
Repealed - 65%
Maintained - 35%

Advisory Vote No. 13
Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6138
Repealed - 64%
Maintained - 36%

Thursday, 12 November 2015 00:00
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Officers from the Colville Police Department recently had to subdue a patient at Mt. Carmel Hospital who was “erratic and uncontrollable,” yelling at staff and ignoring instructions, according to court documents. The man, Steven Charles Brady, 53, had to be Tazered twice before he was subdued.
According to court records, Brady had been a patient at Mt. Carmel Hospital for three days when he started acting in an “erratic and uncontrollable” way on Oct. 18. Mt. Carmel staff called the Colville PD to help control Brady who was also “grabbing and threatening staff,” “running around the second floor yelling and talking on a cell phone.” Brady had also removed his IV and when approached by police ran towards the Intensive Care Unit, according to the Colville Police Department report.
Officer Emily noted that Brady “appeared to be having a mental health breakdown, was very agitated and was an immediate threat to staff and patients.” Officer Emily Tazered Brady after Brady charged at him. However, the Tazer failed to stop Brady who broke off the wires to the Tazer prongs and grabbed Officer Emily, attempting to choke him. The two men struggled, at one point causing Brady’s head to hit on a door frame, until a second officer, Officer Lofts, arrived and again Tazered Brady. Brady was then handcuffed and placed in a wheelchair so he could be treated for his cuts. It is unknown if Brady’s behavior was the result of a medical condition, Officer Emily noted in his report.
Officer Emily had to be treated for cuts to the face and blood exposure from Brady’s cuts, according to the Colville PD report.
Brady is being charged with third degree assault and interference with a healthcare facility.

By Jamie Henneman, The Independent Staff

Thursday, 12 November 2015 00:00
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news dist-10-mile-post-markers-350Anyone looking for an address in the remote area north of Colville by the Canadian border will have it a little easier to find.
Mile markers, made possible by Friends of Fire District 10, are being installed which can help fire fighters or anyone else identify house numbers with mile postings.
Fireman Barry St. John and Chief Mark Smith are shown installing one of the first thirty-five in the first phase of the project. The new markers are going in south and west of the fire house at Spirit Junction.
Purchase of the flexible sign posts were made possible with funds raised from the first year of the Friends’ charitable events: a Deep Lake August picnic, an April fisherman’s breakfast, and a household good sale at the fire house in May. The Friends are now planning 2016 events which begin January 10 with a Firemen’s Appreciation lunch at the Fire Station.

In This Photo: Dist. 10 fireman Barry St. John and Fire Chief Mark Smith install mile posts on Aladdin Road.



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